Tree devastation in Guisborough

A big thank you to everyone who turned out for yesterday’s public meeting about the felling of all the trees off Meynell Avenue in Guisborough last week, which is clearly visible from The Avenue.

Great funding news for two local schools

There’s been great news for KTS Academy in Brotton and Whitecliffe Academy in Carlin How this week. Both have received substantial sums for building works under the Government’s Condition Improvement Funding scheme for schools in 2019-20.

Labour blocks a No Deal Brexit

Last night Parliament decided (by one vote) to make it impossible for the Prime Minister to seek a No Deal Brexit. As you would expect, I voted against every stage of this awful legislation.

Control of our borders

Thanks for all your messages following my appearance on BBC Look North last night.

Labour's U-turn on free movement

Labour are guilty of the most appalling deception on freedom of movement. Despite promising they would end it, tonight they are whipping in favour of a Norway type deal, where free movement would continue. They are also whipping in favour of a second referendum.

Making sure work always pays

Today, the National Living Wage goes up by 5% to £8.21/hour, meaning 1.8m people will be £690 better off in the year ahead.

This is the fifth highest minimum wage in the world, and is key to ensuring being in work always pays better than being on welfare.

Royal Navy returns to the Tees

It’s a really proud day for Middlesbrough to have won the right to service and maintain HMS Enterprise, Echo and Protector. Shipbuilding and repair is one of our region’s historic strengths and this is a tribute to the skills of U.K. Docks.

Voting to secure Brexit - Today's difficult decision

Today, I voted to leave the EU. I had to bite the bullet and accept a deal I dislike. Because as some of the longest and strongest supporters of Brexit have said, while it is not a good deal, it is better than not leaving at all. 

Voting for No Deal

Today in the House of Commons there are 'indicative votes' on how MPs wish to proceed with Brexit. I will vote FOR:

Option B - "No Deal"; and

Local leaders for a better Redcar & Cleveland Council

A big thank you to Ben Houchen, Tees Valley Mayor for joining a group of our candidates across Redcar and East Cleveland at Saltburn Conservative & Unionist Club last night for the official launch of our Council campaign!