An inspiring visit to Loftus Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

It was amazing to meet such a passionate and dedicated group of Taekwondo enthusiasts this week in Loftus!

Instructor Paul offers classes at The Old Co-op Building Loftus and provides students (young and not so young!) with the chance to be part of an incredible Taekwondo family. The classes are both great fun and teach young people all the values we want to promote.

Students showed me medals they have won on recent competitive trips to Wales and Scotland and demonstrated some of their impressive skills! It is clear that the discipline, camaraderie and focus this group provides is a hugely positive influence on their young lives.

I also heard from Kathryn and Carolyn about all the hard work on fundraising that allows the group to offer these opportunities to young people from #Loftus and the rest of East Cleveland - please do keep your eyes open for future events!