Taking on Fly-tipping in Guisborough

There have been some shocking examples of fly tipping around Guisborough recently and today I raised the issue in Parliament. I highlighted Wilton Lane and the Moor Road, but there are other examples like Walton Terrace.

A Key Moment for Our Future

This time next week, the Labour leaders of the five Tees Valley councils will vote on the most significant investment package in Teesside in our lifetimes. There is no overstating the importance of this: what is on offer will be genuinely transformational.

Listening to Voters

I promised when I was elected I would be a listening MP and it was great to meet so many of you on the doorstep in Brotton at the weekend - thank you to everyone who shared their views about both local and national issues!

Brexit - A Crucial Fortnight Ahead

Ahead of what is going to be a crucial fortnight in Parliament I wanted to lay out for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland residents (in as balanced a way as possible) what to expect over the next two weeks.

Teesside Airport to CLOSE if Labour vote down Ben's Deal

The breaking news that the owners of our airport are warning it’s likely to close after 2021 if the rescue plan developed by Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, is rejected shows why it is so essential our local council leaders support it at the crunch vote on 24 January.

Illegal Channel Crossings

One of the big stories over Christmas was the problem of migrants trying to illegally enter the U.K. in small boats across the Channel. As Parliament returned, I offered the Home Secretary my complete support for the presumption that people who have travelled to the U.K.

Breaking news: control of the Tata land comes home!

There is great breaking news this morning for the whole South Tees Development Corporation regeneration project, as Ben Houchen,Tees Valley Mayor, has finalised a deal with Tata Steel to secure more than half of all the developable land on the Redcar site.

A Brighter Future for Redcar & Cleveland

On 2nd May, there are crucial council elections across Teesside. In Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, local Conservatives have a positive plan for our future.