The Latest News on the Brexit Deal

I was a guest on BBC Tees this morning talking about the Prime Minister's Brexit deal. Please listen by clicking play above.

My position is this deal would be a disaster for our country and would likely lock us into the backstop arrangement where we would be an EU rule-taker and unable to leave without their permission. I will not vote for it.

If you want more information about why this is the case, you can read "Your Right to Know" at:…/…/2018/11/Your-Right-to-Know.pdf

The Prime Minister has behaved with dignity and resolve. However, it is clear she will not change course. There is no credible way of separating confidence in her continued leadership from the deal she is arguing for.

I went on to utterly reject the second referendum being argued for by some local Labour MPs. They may claim to know better than their own voters - I will stand up for mine.