Speeches in Parliament

Thanking our submariners

This April we mark the 50th anniversary of the Continuous At Sea Nuclear Deterrent, and it was a privilege to pay tribute to thousands of submariners on behalf of our constituency in Parliament this week.

Warning against a customs union

The Government is in talks with Labour about their proposal for a Customs Union with the EU after we leave. It is still very unclear what will emerge from those talks - there is a reasonable chance nothing will - but I have warned this would be totally unsuitable for our country.

Supporting medical cannabis

Yesterday I argued in favour of improving access to medical cannabis oils to help treat youngsters living with severe epilepsy. I’ve had some very powerful meetings with the parents of children who can fit dozens of times a day at my surgery over the last two years.

Praising our great A&E team in Parliament

It was a privilege to join the brilliant doctors and nurses at James Cook University Hospital at work last weekend - and great to be able to thank them in the House of Commons yesterday.

Nissan: The Facts

Yesterday in Parliament I set out the facts about Nissan’s decision not to produce the X-Trail in Sunderland. Not one job is going to be lost at the plant, and the three core models, the Qashqai, Juke SUV and electric Leaf are all going to be made there in huge quantities.

Brexit update and my question to the Prime Minister today

Last night Parliament voted that the Prime Minister should return to the EU to fix the backstop. We need serious changes to the draft Withdrawal Agreement that are legally binding, and that is what she has pledged to seek.

Taking on Fly-tipping in Guisborough

There have been some shocking examples of fly tipping around Guisborough recently and today I raised the issue in Parliament. I highlighted Wilton Lane and the Moor Road, but there are other examples like Walton Terrace.

Telling truth to power in the Brexit debate

I campaigned and voted to leave the EU, and we must leave properly. The Prime Minister’s Brexit proposals risk leaving the U.K. trapped as a rule-taker from Brussels, needing the EU’s permission to escape the “backstop”. I believe this would be an historic mistake.

My Reaction to the Brexit Deal

Honouring my promise to the voters of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland is my chief responsibility. Alone of the six MPs on Teesside, I have been steadfast in working to deliver the Brexit local people voted for overwhelmingly in 2016.

Tackling Loneliness

Loneliness is a serious issue that damages so many people's emotional and physical health. Yesterday, I spoke at the launch of the Government's new strategy to help combat it.