Westminster News

The Jobs Revolution

We've become so used to really strong jobs data over the last few years that there's a danger of taking it for granted. But this is happening for a reason, because Conservatives are making the right choices supporting businesses and lowering taxes:

Breaking a 300 year old record!

🚨 The U.K. energy grid has just gone a whole week without burning any coal, a historic achievement.

Last week, the Committee on Climate Change formally endorsed the campaign I have been leading for us to become carbon neutral (“net zero”) by 2050.

Sharing local experiences of business rates

Yesterday's meeting of the Treasury Select Committee focused on business rates and provided chance to feed back some experiences of business owners I have spoken to across Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland - you can see how I am able to feedback your thoughts during these meetings in the vid

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan

Some lovely news to end the Bank Holiday weekend, and I look forward to congratulating the Duke and Duchess in Parliament tomorrow. As for bets on the name, I’m guessing Philip - but we’ll see!

First working day of lower taxes

It’s the first working day of the new financial year, and you’ll pay less income tax thanks to Conservatives. If you run a small business, you’ll pay lower business rates.

Labour blocks a No Deal Brexit

Last night Parliament decided (by one vote) to make it impossible for the Prime Minister to seek a No Deal Brexit. As you would expect, I voted against every stage of this awful legislation.

Labour's U-turn on free movement

Labour are guilty of the most appalling deception on freedom of movement. Despite promising they would end it, tonight they are whipping in favour of a Norway type deal, where free movement would continue. They are also whipping in favour of a second referendum.

Making sure work always pays

Today, the National Living Wage goes up by 5% to £8.21/hour, meaning 1.8m people will be £690 better off in the year ahead.

This is the fifth highest minimum wage in the world, and is key to ensuring being in work always pays better than being on welfare.

Voting to secure Brexit - Today's difficult decision

Today, I voted to leave the EU. I had to bite the bullet and accept a deal I dislike. Because as some of the longest and strongest supporters of Brexit have said, while it is not a good deal, it is better than not leaving at all. 

Voting for No Deal

Today in the House of Commons there are 'indicative votes' on how MPs wish to proceed with Brexit. I will vote FOR:

Option B - "No Deal"; and