Westminster News

Delivering for Teesside at the Treasury

This summer is the hardest-working of my life as I get fully settled into my role as a Treasury minister, and I thought it would be worth setting out a bit more about my responsibilities.

Proper sentencing and more prison places

I’ve welcomed the announcement by Boris Johnson that he will end the policy of automatic early release for criminals and build 10,000 more prison places. The first new prison in the £2.5bn programme will be HMP Full Sutton in Yorkshire.

Day One at the Treasury!

Thank you for all your kind messages over the last 48 hours - I really appreciate them. It’s been a very busy and productive first day in my new job, getting to meet the team of civil servants and fellow ministers.

Joining the Government

It’s a huge honour to have been asked to join the Government today by the Prime Minister. I have been appointed Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, working under the Chancellor Sajid Javid.

20,000 More Police

👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ We're starting a national campaign to deliver more frontline officers to make our streets safer. I'm absolutely delighted that over the next three years, we will recruit 20,000 more police.

Boris wins by 2 to 1

Boris Johnson has just been announced as our next Prime Minister.

Our Economy: The Facts

Labour have a narrative where everything keeps getting worse. It’s not helpful - and more importantly, it’s just not true.

This month’s latest figures from Office for National Statistics show:

Dialogue at the American Embassy

When it comes to incredible buildings, I can't remember many more impressive than the new United States Embassy to the UK. I visited last night with a group of colleagues to discuss a range of Anglo-American issues, and it is truly a remarkable place.

Cross-border work for our planet

I had a really positive meeting with the Italian Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta and our Energy Minister Chris Skidmore on Monday.

Labour announce they want to cancel Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has announced today that Labour want a second referendum and would campaign to REMAIN in the EU.

In the space of two years, Labour have gone from promising to respect the largest vote in our country’s history to calling for it to be cancelled.