Westminster News

Protecting Our Climate

Working in Westminster, it's not every day you are joined by a supermodel, but it was a delight to be joined by Lily Cole as I hosted a reception to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Climate Change Act.

Standing up for Teesside in Parliament

Today there was an important debate in Parliament about the future of the Mayoral Development Corporation site in Redcar. I had some spiky exchanges with Labour's Paul Williams and Mike Hill towards the end...

Bring Back Duty Free

In 1999, EU rules forced the UK to stop offering Duty Free within Europe. After Brexit in March, I think we should bring duty free back! It brought pleasure to millions of people and would boost jobs in airports and on ferries.

What does Budget 2018 mean for Teesside?

There's hugely welcome news for our area in the Budget today - most importantly that the Chancellor has pledged £14 million to prepare specific sites for two major new metals projects to move into the Mayoral Development Corporation site at Redcar.

Fair Treatment for Our Veterans

Many of you have written to me to protest about the shameful witch hunt of too many of our veterans who served in Northern Ireland. Former soldiers, many of them elderly, are having their lives turned upside down by the threat of prosecution.

Tackling Bank Branch Closures

In the last eighteen months the last bank branch has closed in Loftus and NatWest have closed in Guisborough. I am determined we should act to maintain access to financial services in small towns and villages.

Helping Everyone who Rents

Parliament returns next week, and I’m working with the founder of The Big Issue, the amazing Lord John Bird, as a sponsor of his Creditworthiness Assessment Bill.

Delivering a Better Countryside

I am a big supporter of our farming community and I was delighted to join the National Farmers' Union (NFU) for their event to celebrate Back British Farming Day in Parliament last week.