Sirius Minerals

The Woodsmith Mine is a project that has great potential not just for Whitby but for our economy here on Teesside.

Today’s news is clearly unwelcome but it will keep all options open as the company seeks to unlock the credit it needs.

Labour plotting to stop No Deal

I’ve found the spectacle of all the Remain parties conspiring today seriously frustrating.

If we don’t keep no deal on the table, how do they think we’re ever going to get a fair deal? Furthermore, we didn’t vote to leave “only if we can get a deal”.

Exposing Labour's Brexit Lie

Yesterday one of our Teesside Labour MPs endorsed a tweet attacking “Leave w***ers”. For me, this was an insult too far.

Listening to Voters

I promised when I was elected I would be a listening MP and it was great to meet so many of you on the doorstep in Brotton at the weekend - thank you to everyone who shared their views about both local and national issues!

Brexit - A Crucial Fortnight Ahead

Ahead of what is going to be a crucial fortnight in Parliament I wanted to lay out for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland residents (in as balanced a way as possible) what to expect over the next two weeks.

The Mighty Redcar

We've all been watching "The Mighty Redcar" on BBC Two, which covers the lives of some extraordinary young people. I've had the chance to get to know the narrator, Madison, over the last year, and for her the sky is the limit.

Do you oppose a second Brexit referendum? Sign my petition today.

Like me, two-thirds of people here in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland voted to leave the EU. But five Labour MPs in the North East have just demanded a second referendum, and Labour’s top politicians won’t rule it out. They want to ignore us.