The Jobs Revolution

We've become so used to really strong jobs data over the last few years that there's a danger of taking it for granted. But this is happening for a reason, because Conservatives are making the right choices supporting businesses and lowering taxes:

? UK unemployment rate down to 3.8% - lowest since 1974

✅ Employment rate at a joint record high

??‍♂️Wages outpacing inflation for 14th month in a row, now at 3.2% growth

??‍? Youth unemployment halved since 2010

I know the frustration so many of you feel about delivering on #Brexit, because I feel it too; it's on my mind from the moment I wake up until last thing at night. We will get that fixed, and fixed properly, in the months ahead - frankly I'll do it if it kills me.

But this is an area where the Government is delivering, where life is getting better for many millions of people, and where there is much more to do to keep raising living standards for all.