Thank you!

Well, it was quite a night! Thank you to everyone who voted for me and Conservatives.

A great new local distillery

Yesterday I went to Daisy Distillery in Skelton. This is where Cleveland Way Gin is produced by Steve and his wife Gail, filled with the best local ingredients.

A Great New Brexit Deal

It is marvellous news that we have a good new Brexit Deal that will allow us to take back control and leave the EU on 31 October.

Fighting for justice for Luke

I met my constituent Luke Mason at my surgery recently to discuss the appalling injuries he suffered during a hit and run incident in Middlesbrough town centre in October 2017.

Clean energy overtakes fossil fuels

If you're like me, you'll have been driven mad by the Extinction Rebellion people parading around London this week - not least because they're costing millions to police and taking thousands of officers from across the country away from fighting crime.

Sirius Minerals

The Woodsmith Mine is a project that has great potential not just for Whitby but for our economy here on Teesside.

Today’s news is clearly unwelcome but it will keep all options open as the company seeks to unlock the credit it needs.

Why the humiliating Brexit extension Bill must be defeated

The alliance of Labour, Liberals, Scottish Nationalists and hardline Remain Conservatives who want to remove No Deal as an option in all scenarios have published their Bill. Tomorrow, they will seek to win time on Wednesday for it to be debated.

A huge funding boost for schools

I’ve warmly welcomed Boris Johnson’s announcement of a major increase in school funding. Next year the education budget will rise by £2.6 billion and the year after that it will go up by a further £4.8 billion.

Guisborough Hospital Update

I want to provide an update this morning about Guisborough Hospital. There are several facts you need to know:

1) NHS South Tees Clinical Commissioning Group remains totally committed to the £4m redevelopment of our Hospital. There has been no change to their plan.