The Latest News on the Brexit Deal

I was a guest on BBC Tees this morning talking about the Prime Minister's Brexit deal. Please listen by clicking play above.

Thanking Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team

I was delighted to welcome members of the fantastic Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team to Parliament yesterday to thank both them and their families for their work as a fourth emergency service, providing vital help to people who find themselves in difficulty or danger when exploring the beautiful co

A Rail Solution to The Marton Crawl

I have met Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to discuss how our local rail links could help to tackle the Marton Crawl, alongside road improvements.

My Reaction to the Brexit Deal

Honouring my promise to the voters of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland is my chief responsibility. Alone of the six MPs on Teesside, I have been steadfast in working to deliver the Brexit local people voted for overwhelmingly in 2016.

Standing up for Teesside in Parliament

Today there was an important debate in Parliament about the future of the Mayoral Development Corporation site in Redcar. I had some spiky exchanges with Labour's Paul Williams and Mike Hill towards the end...

Loftus Remembers

Remembrance Sunday was truly memorable this year and it was a huge privilege to lay my wreath at Loftus this morning, with an enormous turnout that I know was mirrored at the ceremonies held across our area.

Remembrance Across Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland

One hundred years from the end of the First World War, today I will be attending the Loftus Remembrance Day service. Over the last few days I have visited as many local memorials as possible to pay my respects.

Delivering for Hutton Ward

Excellent ward Councillor Graham Jeffery invited me to Hutton ward in Guisborough today to discuss a number of issues - the first of which was car parking all down the side of Hutton Village Road, which is a narrow road at the best of times.

Listening to Residents in Brotton


A lovely crisp day to be out talking to people in Brotton! Refuelling on some excellent Gosnay's Butchers sausage rolls and then back out this afternoon. If you’re not in when we call, please let me know your thoughts using the envelope provided

Enjoying Farm Life in Coulby Newham


Parliament's on a two day break and so I got to enjoy a visit to the lovely Newham Grange Farm in Coulby Newham today! There's loads to do, and I'm pictured with my smaller self meeting the pigs...