A great day out at the Klondike!

It was great to join so many friends for the amazing East Cleveland Klondike today - including lots of Conservative council candidates at the heart of their communities.

Guisborough Shop Break Ins

Many of you will have seen the shocking photos of the shop break-ins from Guisborough over the last two nights.

A walking bus for Nunthorpe?

Lots of Nunthorpe residents are concerned about school parking, which affects not only parents but anyone who struggles to get into and out of their homes at peak times.

Thanking our submariners

This April we mark the 50th anniversary of the Continuous At Sea Nuclear Deterrent, and it was a privilege to pay tribute to thousands of submariners on behalf of our constituency in Parliament this week.

Teesside on the rise

Over the last couple of years, we’ve become used to the drumbeat of good news stories about our local economy. Government backing for this giant new power station is another really important example.

Warning against a customs union

The Government is in talks with Labour about their proposal for a Customs Union with the EU after we leave. It is still very unclear what will emerge from those talks - there is a reasonable chance nothing will - but I have warned this would be totally unsuitable for our country.

Supporting medical cannabis

Yesterday I argued in favour of improving access to medical cannabis oils to help treat youngsters living with severe epilepsy. I’ve had some very powerful meetings with the parents of children who can fit dozens of times a day at my surgery over the last two years.

Update on Guisborough habitat destruction

After meeting residents and Councillor Graham Jeffery in Hutton ward on Friday to discuss the site clearance off Meynell Avenue, I sat down with your local Conservative councillors.

First working day of lower taxes

It’s the first working day of the new financial year, and you’ll pay less income tax thanks to Conservatives. If you run a small business, you’ll pay lower business rates.

A true community champion

It was great to join Julie Craig in her revamped Cafe Creations on Skelton-in-Cleveland Industrial Estate for my weekly surgery.