Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is making huge strides. Simon believes we should ensure all technologies, including onshore wind, play a role in our future energy mix - but community consent is key.

You can read Simon's recent article for ConservativeHome regarding onshore wind here.


British Steel Pensions

Are you a #BritishSteel pensioner? Simon Clarke MP has written to the head of The Pensions Regulator regarding the recent changes made to the British Steel Pension Scheme by Tata.

Meet Simon Clarke MP in Stainton

South Middlesbrough residents are invited to come and meet Simon Clarke MP and Stainton & Thornton councillor David Coupe in Stainton on Sunday 10 September. The event will start at 11am with a Q&A with Simon but you are very welcome to join us at any time through to 1pm.

Prime Minister Launches South Tees Mayoral Development Corporation

Theresa May's visit to Guisborough last week capped off an excellent day in which she launched the South Tees Mayoral Development Corporation established by Ben Houchen, Mayor of the Tees Valley, and led by some of the best and most experienced people on Teesside.