Tackling Homelessness in Our Area

Helping young people find a proper home is a huge priority and we are really lucky to have the East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust working so hard in our area.

I met Amanda (right) from the Trust a few weeks ago and last Friday she took me to meet Annabel (centre) in her flat in Brotton. 

Annabel is 20 and she and her partner Jordan live in a lovely new flat that they found through the Trust last year. They're really impressive young people who you can tell will go on to great things together - Jordan is now working as an apprentice and Annabel is working in the care sector.

The Trust helps young people who might otherwise face homelessness to find affordable, good quality accommodation, and get the start they deserve in adult life. It's a brilliant service, and if you can help support it, or know somebody who needs help, their number is 01287 644 044.

More widely, this is a national mission and you can find out more about the new Homelessness Reduction Act here.