The Right Approach to Jobs & Growth

The ONS’s summary of today’s brilliant UK jobs market news shows:

?‍? Employment at an all-time high
? Unemployment below 4% for first time in 44 years
?‍♂️ Fewest people economically inactive ever
? Wages up 3.4% - almost twice the rate of inflation

The most important aspect of this news is wages. As the jobs boom of the last ten years has unfolded, take-home pay flatlined for a long time. There is now hard data showing that at long last, wages are rising above inflation.

On the increase is employment, 424,000 of the 473,000 new jobs created over the last year have been full time ?

Good government is about making sure life gets better for people. There aren’t magic solutions, but Conservatives are steadily building a really strong economy that benefits us all. The wreckage of 2009-10 feels a long time ago.