A Rail Solution to The Marton Crawl

I have met Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to discuss how our local rail links could help to tackle the Marton Crawl, alongside road improvements.

This followed a meeting I requested with Northern Rail to talk about how an improved commuter service down the line from Nunthorpe into Middlesbrough stopping at Gypsy Lane, Marton and James Cook Hospital could be an important additional element of solving the problem.

At the meeting with Northern Rail, I was joined by the Chief Executives of both our local authorities. An upgrading of the line out through Nunthorpe could make a huge contribution to easing the traffic pressure on the A172 and both authorities are supportive in principle.

Northern have now agreed to ask Network Rail to conduct a study of how the line could be upgraded to allow a more ambitious service. I will keep you fully informed - exploring all these options is essential to delivering the best possible solution.