Our Economy: The Facts

Labour have a narrative where everything keeps getting worse. It’s not helpful - and more importantly, it’s just not true.

This month’s latest figures from Office for National Statistics show:

? The employment level is at a record high
?‍♂️ There are 3,700,000 more people in work than in 2010 - and 75%+ of those jobs have been full time 
? Wages have grown faster than inflation for the last year (1.4% above prices)
?‍? Female unemployment is an all-time low of 3.6%

We all know there is more important work to do. But from the ruins of the recession in 2008 under Gordon Brown, our country has undergone a jobs miracle over the last decade. That’s happened because of good policies - cutting taxes, reducing regulation and supporting businesses. We can all be proud of the progress we’ve made, together.