Labour's U-turn on free movement

Labour are guilty of the most appalling deception on freedom of movement. Despite promising they would end it, tonight they are whipping in favour of a Norway type deal, where free movement would continue. They are also whipping in favour of a second referendum.

This is part of the second round of "indicative votes" about how Parliament wants to deal with Brexit. In full, these are:

1) Customs Union (which would mean no independent trade policy);
2) "Common Market 2.0" / "Norway plus" (which would mean no independent trade policy, paying into the EU budget AND continued free movement of people);
3) A second, "confirmatory" referendum; and
4) Revoking Article 50 (cancelling Brexit).

I will vote NO to all of these motions. The Speaker did not even select any options to vote for a no deal Brexit.

In an interview earlier today, Labour's John Mann MP - one of a tiny handful of Eurosceptics left in their party - set out just how badly Labour "Leave" voters have been let down.