Guisborough Hospital Update

I want to provide an update this morning about Guisborough Hospital. There are several facts you need to know:

1) NHS South Tees Clinical Commissioning Group remains totally committed to the £4m redevelopment of our Hospital. There has been no change to their plan.

2) Services at the Hospital are not under threat. An important range of services are provided from the Hospital, particularly related to elderly care, and there are no plans to change these. The £4m plan is designed to improve the quality of services, in particular around stroke care.

3) The delays that we saw last summer caused by the discovery of asbestos have all been resolved. That stage of the works has been completed.

4) The redevelopment package was being funded directly by NHS Property Services. This funding mechanism has been changed and taken in house by NHS England.

5) I've been working with the CCG to get them clarity about how the new funding process works and have been in contact with the new Hospitals Minister Chris Skidmore throughout August about this. I've explained that given the works have been funded by the sale of the Chaloner Building, the money must be reinvested here, and there is no reason to expect anything else. I've added that we want to see action as soon as possible and expect an official response early in September.