A great day out at the Klondike!

It was great to join so many friends for the amazing East Cleveland Klondike today - including lots of Conservative council candidates at the heart of their communities.

My day started with Belmont's Steve Waterfield up at Laurence Jackson School for the race prep, then it was over to Skelton to join Julie Craig, Craig Holmes and Lee Holmes at the Hollybush Activity Centre.

Weighed down with cake, I then joined Tony Gatehouse and Iain Graham at the Klondike Kafe at the Loftus Community Hub, before seeing Saltburn's Jacob Young.

The afternoon ended enjoying a drink with Brotton ward's Tim Dobson and Lee Holmes (yes we have two candidates called Lee Holmes, and they are both excellent!).

You couldn't find a better group of community-minded people to represent East Cleveland and I am very proud to be supporting them.