Budget Debate 2018 - Talking up Teesside in Parliament

In the week where Steve Gibson has rightly called out the local Labour Party for constantly running our area’s prospects down and risking investment, I used my Budget Speech to #talkupTeesside. 

WATCH above to see me:

  • Praise £14 million to unlock 1,500 high quality jobs at the South Tees Mayoral Development Corporation;
  • welcome the first step towards Freeport status in the Tees Valley;
  • call for boldness in delivering homes where they’re most needed around London; and
  • stand up for delivering Brexit rather than shroud-waving about it.

I told Parliament that new hope is being kindled in our area.  Ben Houchen is at the heart of this and I know just how hard he and his team are working.  They deserve our backing – please spread the word about what we’re trying to achieve.