Brexit discussion on BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show

Today I took part in a panel discussion about next steps with Brexit - and why we should prepare calmly and confidently for a "no deal" outcome.

I hope the EU will see sense and amend the "backstop" provisions in the proposed Withdrawal Agreement. These risk leaving the UK trapped as a rule-taker from Brussels without a voice or a vote, unable to leave this arrangement without their permission. This would be a total disaster for a great nation.

If they do not act, I was clear we should not allow ourselves to be scared into either signing up to a bad deal or seeking to overturn the Leave vote altogether - instead we should leave on World Trade terms.

In this scenario, Jacob Rees-Mogg has correctly pointed out we could offer some of our £39 billion for a two year stand-still transition, which would certainly be an option open to us. But we must not allow Project Fear to stage one last great resurgence before 29 March.

You can watch the full show HERE